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Communicating TRUTH that Connects

I just got out of a weekend speaking to iGEN (or generation Z). I love speaking to the next generation because it keeps me sharp, real, and effective. Over the years, I have found that my communication styles have changed because, frankly put, culture changes. Besides, I don’t want to be a communicator that simply communicates, I want to connect with my audience. With that said, here are some practical ways to connect with iGen to communicate TRUTH:

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Gaps in Culture: How the GOSPEL will ALWAYS be the Answer

Gaps in Culture that the GOSPEL Answers

There are certain things culture tries to answer but cannot - love, pain, suffering, purpose - yet the GOSPEL does. I call this “Gaps in Culture”. In fact, culture - or anything in culture - has NO answer compared to the Good News of the GOSPEL. Lets explore this…

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5 takeaways from TO

Timeout is a strategic weekend for NGM leaders + pastors to find rest, renewal, and deepen ministerial relationships. As some of the crew couldn't be at TO this year, I decided to write 5 BIG takeaways. These takeaways are built around the theme of "Strengthening the Habits of Jesus" as personal ministry really determines public effectiveness in ministry. Enjoy (over some good coffee)!

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