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Why FORMAL Education Still Works for Ministry

To be honest, this is a pet peeve of mine - young leaders thinking formal education is over-rated. I do understand some of their reasons are valid, but the consequences of not having a good education in ministry hurts young leaders in the long haul. This post is about tracking with one of the most influential leaders in the New Testament, The Apostle Paul. He was highly educated and had the ministry "tools" to kick butt. Check it out and add your thoughts to the convo 

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Over a Cup of Coffee: 15 Lessons on the Ages + Stages of Ministry

This summer marks 15 years of full-time ministry for me. Looking back, it would have been killer if I had people give me advise through the ages + stages of ministry. This post is about 15 lessons to help young leaders going further faster. Enjoy (over some good coffee)! 

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Understand your Blind Spots BEFORE They Blindside You

Too often leaders are too busy. Leaders are ALWAYS doing ministry but very few receive personal ministry. Understanding your blindspots in ministry + life WILL personally minister to you AND help you not be blindsided by the busyness + demands of ministry.

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