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6 Practical Tools to Discern God's Will in Your Life

I get this ALL the time: “What is God’s Will in My Life?” In short, you are called to love God and love people. If you do this, you are in the perfect will of God. With that said, you are also created BY God with gifts, talents, and abilities that needs to be contextualized… and this takes time! Below are some practical tools to discern God’s very best for your life…

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Gaps in Culture: How the GOSPEL will ALWAYS be the Answer

Gaps in Culture that the GOSPEL Answers

There are certain things culture tries to answer but cannot - love, pain, suffering, purpose - yet the GOSPEL does. I call this “Gaps in Culture”. In fact, culture - or anything in culture - has NO answer compared to the Good News of the GOSPEL. Lets explore this…

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Why FORMAL Education Still Works for Ministry

To be honest, this is a pet peeve of mine - young leaders thinking formal education is over-rated. I do understand some of their reasons are valid, but the consequences of not having a good education in ministry hurts young leaders in the long haul. This post is about tracking with one of the most influential leaders in the New Testament, The Apostle Paul. He was highly educated and had the ministry "tools" to kick butt. Check it out and add your thoughts to the convo 

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Infobesity: Finding Purpose In An Over-Informational Culture

This post is by request, "how do you find purpose in a culture that is bombarded by information?" I call this cultural reality "infobesity." With ALL the information at the tip of our fingertips - resources, relationships, SM, we still have a culture that deals with deep lonileness. This post is about how to find purpose in a world that is paralyzed by over-information + lonileness. Feel free to spread the word... 

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