Recovering From Heartbreak

Heartbreak. It's when we experience and feel:


the dark side,





These are some words that people say to me when they have experienced heartbreak. With that said, there ARE some ways to heal from heartbreak and recover. Let me encourage you with five thoughts that lead to healing:


Yes, forgive. This might be a hard one for you to hear but you can forgive because Christ has forgiven you. You may be angry, bitter and/or upset (and may have the right to be), but we can make the choice to experience healing in Christ.


Christ encourages us to repent from past sins, turn away from our independence, walk away from pride, surrender the burdens of past relationships and pursue Christ. If we want to heal from brokenness in relationships, we are called to forgive, we are called to repent and we must turn to Christ.


Building trust with people isn't enough - you have to be trustworthy. Someone who is trustworthy is someone who is full of integrity, has dealt with their ghosts, is the same person all the time and has the character of Christ (Gal 5:22-23).


We are called to build trust by trusting God (see Prov 3:5-6). To trust God is to submit to His plan, His ways and His best. Before we can build trust with others, we need to trust God. ONLY God can complete you - not a boyfriend, girlfriend or intimate relationship. They can compliment you but only Christ can complete you.


God redeems everything, and everything is an opportunity for God to restore. This means your path, your brokenness, your past ghost(s) and your past relationships are redeemable to God. When you forgive, repent, build trust in God and are trustworthy, you can begin to experience Gods healing for your life.

Healing takes Intentionality

Time doesn't heal all wounds. Intentionality, hard work, courage and strength help heal relational wounds.

My prayer for you today is that you will experience the forgiving healing power of Christ so that YOU may become complete in Christ. When that happens, you will be able to recover from heartbreak WELL and allow Christ to lead you into His plan for your life.