Infobesity: Finding Purpose In An Over-Informational Culture

The lowest part of loneliness is not the absence of events, activities or relationships, but the lack of purpose.

Purpose means knowing why you are created, how you’ve been created and using your purpose to better our world that we live in.

So, how do you find purpose?

You find purpose through a person. His name is Jesus. Jesus says that I have come to give life and life to the full (John 10:10). In other words, HE comes to give life with a purpose.

You find your purpose through your passions. What are your passions? What wakes you up in the morning? What do you love to do? And if you are still discovering what your passions are, focus on your SHAPE:






Fire me an email and I'll send you this document to work out on your own as you discover your passions for life.

You'll find that your purpose is about people, not a paycheck.  This is a great reality for younger leaders. Most millennials will focus on finding their purpose and living out their purpose rather than a paycheck.

You'll find your purpose by living out God's plan for your life, not your own.  For me, my plan was to make lots of money by being a hotshot lawyer... then God showed up. God - His plans for me -  were so much more than anything I could have planned for my life. His plan is so much better than anything this world could offer. Honestly, I can't even put this into words how amazing His plans are other than to encourage you to surrender your plans to God. His plan is way better than ours will ever be.

You'll find your purpose by living in view of eternity.  We live in a culture that focuses too much on the short-term and instant gratification; we live for the NOW and become discouraged/deflated enough that we find another avenue with the fastest option to get to where we want to get to. With that said, that's not the same way Kingdom work is meant to be viewed. In Scripture, we are called to find our purpose in the view of eternity and not just the view of what's the latest trend, fashion, fad or experience.  Living in the view of Eternity will give you a deeper peace, a long-lasting purpose and life experienced like never before.

If you are dealing with loneliness, it's not because you have an absence of events, activities or relationships, but a lack of purpose. I encourage you to find your purpose in the person Christ and the passions HE has created in you. Submit to His plan and live in view of eternity.

You will find purpose, friend.