The BURDEN of Leadership

There are burdens to leadership – weights, needs, hurts, disappointments, criticism – that tends to go with the territory of leading. 

Biblically speaking, burdens can be physical, psychological, emotional, personal and spiritual…

Jesus experienced the burdens of leadership too: 

·      He took on the sin of the world,

·      He was hurt by his closest friends,

·      He experienced disappointment,

·      He was criticized by many,

·      He experienced human pain... even to the point of death,

·      He understood loneliness. 

This gives me HOPE as a leader… AND not only that, it gives me the strength and courage to keep leading. Jesus:

·      Had a “big picture” perspective when others didn’t,

·      He forgave those who hurt him – he restored relationships, was intentional to reach out to those who hurt him, and released relationships to the Father,

·      He responded to disappointment by realigning His will with the Father’s Will,

·      He reached out to those in compassion and empathy because he experienced their pain and,

·      He persevered ("long-suffering", "prolonged obedience", "faithful") as a leader

Ultimately, Kingdom-minded leaders have the privilege to “lay” their burdens to the LORD. What a joy it can be WHEN you and I can bring our burdens to the LORD RATHER than holding them too close...

If we hold the burdens of leadership too close we experience deep disappointment, depression, bitterness towards the call, lack of sleep, health issues, relational brokenness, become edgy with those who love us the most, and become hyper critical.

Friends – don’t let the burdens of leadership weigh you down. Let those burdens become places of praise and growth as you give those burdens to the LORD. Ultimately, those burdens are to help you and I to lead MORE like Jesus.

Keep leading!