5 Ways to Lead UP: #youngpastors influencing #leadpastors

LAST week I had a call from a #youngpastor who's having a difficult time with his lead pastor. This isn't the first time I have heard this. I hear it MORE + MORE:

"My lead pastor doesn't take time for me."

"My relationship with my lead pastor is not strong.”

“I am on a different wave length than my pastor.”

“My pastor does not pastor me well.”

EVEN though I hear this over and over, there are ways to influence your #leadpastor. Here are some suggestions to lead UP:


Even though you don’t have “position” to lead up, you do have the ability to “influence” up. Here are five WAYS to influence through relational trust:

Ask your lead pastor for coffee… AND PAY FOR IT

Be intentional to take your lead pastor out on a monthly basis. Even though your lead pastor might be busy, they long for healthy relationships.

Ask GREAT questions

Asking great questions help you learn and glean from others. Questions like, “what has been a joy for you in ministry (in the last 6 months)” or “what has been a challenge in your ministry?” and/or “what are some keys/advice you would share with a young pastor?” is great to build relationship, trust, and influence. You might will learn MORE from your lead pastor than you might think.

Do what you say and say what you do

Building trust is about building reputation. Believe it or not, your pastor NEEDS you to be trustworthy… and this builds relationship to influence.


HONOR your lead pastor well (Romans 12:10). Respect is earned, but honor is given. It is a choice to SPEAK blessing. IF you honor your lead pastor, your lead pastor will honor you. Believe me, a successful youth ministry is ONLY as successful as the lead pastor wants it to be.  They have the power and position to allow you to be successful or not.

BE faithful

Fruitfulness FOLLOWS faithfulness (see John 15). Be faithful to serve and God will do the rest. 

IF you are willing to spend time with your lead pastor (on your own initiative), ask questions, build a reputation of honor and faithfulness, you WILL lead up.

Keep LEADING well.