3 skills EVERY #youngpastor needs to know

EVERY #youngpastor needs to work on these 3 skills to GROW into their FULL potential/calling:

Leading - Leaders MOVE a church from where they are (POINT A) at to a preferred future (POINT B) through vision. Vision needs to be built, communicated, and implemented. EVERY #youngpastor needs to be a visionary. 

Shepherding - A shepherd takes care of the flock. Shepherding is teaching God's Word, prayer and providing pastoral care. As most #youngpastors spend most of their time and training in this skill, this is ONE that most #youngpastors get. 

Managing - Managing people into effective God-given and servant-based ministry is extremely important. It takes skill to administrate budgets, timelines, service orders, volunteer schedules, training, hiring/firing and everything in between.

NOW... here are some thoughts for you:

1. What skill(s) are you naturally gifted at? Most pastors would gravitate to one or two... but NOT all three. (There are VERY FEW ppl who all have all 3 skills perfected). 

2. What skill(s) do you need to focus on to help you GROW in your calling?

3. What type of people are on your team - paid or not - who help you in your weaknesses? In other words, do you have people on your team who are gifted in areas that you are not? 

Feel to leave a comment below and add to the conversation #youngpastor. Be encouraged that God has a preferred future for you too... knowing that your FULL potential can be reached as you develop skills in leadership, shepherding, and management. 


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