5 Reasons Why You NEED a Mentor In Your Life (And How To Get One)

1.     80% of ALL Olympians base their success in their sport not on their skills, talents, abilities, opportunities, money, or genetics but based on their coach. I find this interesting! Its true that talent and charisma will elevate a person to a position of leadership, but character will keep someone there.

2.     Each of us has at least 3.4 blindspots in our lives – either in leadership, character, and personality. A mentor helps you + I to know, understand, and adjust our lives so blindspots don’t blindside us. Do you have someone safe enough to speak into those areas of your life?

3.     Mentoring is one of the most valuable keys for leadership development in the 21st Century. In today’s culture – that is full of broken relationships and the consequences of that – people need healthy mentors to speak life in love and truth. Do you have someone like that?

4.     It is proven that intentional mentoring helps a #youngleader + #youngpastor go further faster in their confidence, competencies, and calling. Mentoring is more than an occasional chat… it is intentional, personal, and is for growth. Do you have a system that helps you grow?

5.     Mentoring – that is intentional and personal – provides a base of longevity in ministry that many others would not have had. 90% of all pastors have experienced loneliness in ministry because they don’t have a trusted friend. This is a sad reality… We ALL need friends!

How do you + I find a mentor? If you are serious about how God created you, called you, and desire to make a difference in this world, then this is for YOU! Check this out… 

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