Resiliency: How NOT to Quit – Part 1: Perspective

I had a chance to write a post on the Four Letter Word to a Leader and the importance of not quitting. It was one of my most popular posts in 2012. YET, it is possible for leaders to quit EVEN though they hold their position. Leaders can quit:

  • By disengaging in their role
  • By withdrawing relationally in their sphere of influence
  • By being a victim

But how do you NOT quit? How do you build resiliency to bounce back and become better at what you do where you are placed? Three thoughts from Romans 5:1-5:

  1. Perspective (v.1-2)

Perspective is NOT about preference, but focusing on a higher purpose. ANY great leader – Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and the Apostle Paul - had a higher purpose because of their perspective. So how do leaders lead on a higher purpose? Glad you asked…

  • Leaders lead on a higher purpose based on vision. Ghandi had a vision of national freedom, Mother Teresa had a vision to care for the poor, Nelson Mandela had a vision of peaceful equality, and the Apostle Paul had a higher vision to preach Christ to the Gentiles. What is your vision? Where does your vision come from?
  • Leaders lead on a higher purpose based on values. We ALL have values; personal, foundational, contextual, and aspirational. Values shape us, guide us, and motivate us. It is important to be led by values rather than context, circumstances, and/or community of people. EVERYTHING should flow out of our value system. There are quick exercises to help you determine and solidify your value system.
  • Leaders led on a higher purpose based on THE view. Leaders tend to see and aspire to things that others do not. It is important for a leader to determine where the glory and praise goes to. Where is our praise pointing to? I believe the most resilient leaders are leaders who give glory and praise to a higher purpose.

Be a resilient leader today.