Finding Success in your Weaknesses

There has been a lot of literature referring to finding and focusing your strengths to bring success. I would initially agree with this movement of literature yet it also focuses on the reality of minimizing weaknesses - which can become detrimental to the integrity of a leader*.

We need to come to terms with the fact that we all have weaknesses.  Just as some may have more strengths and abilities than others it leads me to conclude that others may have more weaknesses than those around them...

In grade 2 I was put back a grade because of my weakness**. My teacher noticed I had a speech impediment and put me into grade 2 the following year. I was told I needed to focus on how to communicate even though I had good grades. I was devastated.

Now... Fast forward life by 25 years and you would assume the latest teaching on growing in your strengths wouldn't apply to me... especially in the universe of public speaking. Yet, I have been speaking in front of crowds since grade 7 - I was the Grinch who stole Christmas in front of my school, friends, family, community - who would have thought of that?

I have spoken in front of thousands; schools, churches, youth retreats and camps, and youth ministries around western Canada. I don't say all this to puff myself up but to be a encouragement to you. If I focused my life on strengths and abilities I wouldn't be who I am today. Yet, I am so grateful for failing a grade because it teaches me to find success in my weakness...

1. By accepting my weakness I was able to understand it

2. By embracing my weakness because I knew I couldnt never get rid of it

3. By finding ways to GROW in my weakness - I was able to process my thoughts and communicate it on paper - a quite place, intentional journaling, bouncing off ideas to friends, speaking out my thoughts - all helped

4. By having a trusted circle of friends who accepted me and my weakness - they help me by giving me ideas and templates to speak in front of crowds, encourage me to always grow, and challenge me not to rely only on my talents and abilities alone (as form of pride and self-reliance) but to embrace my weakness (walking in humility).

You too can succeed in your weaknesses. Accept, embrace, grow.

Be encouraged. 


*without integrity a leader has no followers.

**yes I flunked grade two... true story!