Who is YOUR Timothy?

Who is your Timothy?

The letters of 1-2 Timothy reveal a dynamic mentoring relationship between Apostle Paul and a young minister named Timothy. Throughout the Bible mentoring has been one of the greatest tools to effectively invest in the next generation. Yehweh and Adam in Genesis 2, Moses and Joshua exemplified in Deuteronomy 34, the deep friendship with David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 19, Jesus and His disciples throughout the Gospels, and revealed in great detail between Paul and Timothy in 1-2 Timothy.

As Scripture reveals, mentoring is:

  • Intentional (1 Timothy 1:2) – Paul takes his relationship with Timothy to the next level by simply writing a letter to him. When the last time you wrote a letter, gave a gift, spoke words of encouragement over someone who needed it? When did you go out of your busy day to simply invest in the next generation? I think we all can.
  • Purposeful (1 Timothy 1:5) – Paul’s purpose for writing Timothy was to “fan into flame” the gift of God in him. Timothy was anointed and called by God as a minister. He was called to give leadership in Ephesus and also throughout Asia Minor. Paul’s purpose was to encourage Timothy to fulfill the call of God in him. Who are you purposefully praying for? Walking with in life in the purpose to reveal God’s will for their life?
  • Relational (1 Timothy 1:2, 18; 2 Timothy 1:2; 2:2) – repeatedly Paul refers to Timothy as a “son”. Mentoring goes BEYOND our biological families (even though it is the starting point) to the extended family in the Church. Paul continues to reveal an intimate relationship with Timothy as a spiritual father. Who are you being a spiritual parent to? Who comes to mind? Your heart? May God reveal His will to you today.

Furthermore, Scripture reveals an ongoing, honest, and real relationship between Paul and Timothy. It was simply a “culture” the New Testament Church created, protected, and exercised.

Without Biblical mentorship – due to busyness, lack of time or effort, or/and selfishness – the Joshua generation reveals the danger of NOT mentoring the next generation who will simply “not know the LORD nor yet the work which He had done...” (Judges 2:10).

Who is your Timothy?