Why Sin wants to have Sex with You

Look at that guy! He had sex with sin, he's pregnant with evil. Oh, look! He's having the baby-a Lie-Baby! Ps7.14.MSG 


Peterson puts Psalm 7:14 so well; Sin becoming intimate... A meaningful relationship to anyone who so desires. It's NOT a thing or idea or action that we can try to handle or manage on our own. In fact, Peterson is revealing that:

  • sin is active
  • sin is personal and desires to have a relationship 
  • the consequences of sin is real 
  • sin prostitutes herself 
  • sin always takes. It never gives yet will never give up to embrace you
  • sin cannot hide... Perhaps for a moment but the consequences of sin will reveal its ugly head (no pun intended)
  • sin exists because we live in a evil world
  • undealt with sin = death - relational, spiritual and physical death.

With that said, the Psalmist proclaims two important realities:

1) Everyone sins but not everyone has evil intent. There is repentance of sin; yet there is sin that is absolute EVIL. Evil sins are the ACTIONS of rejecting the reality of God. It is those who delights and indulge in sin. It is those who mock, reject, and distort God. They are evil in everyway. TBH, we all mess up but the context of this Psalm is the evil content of those who reject God and embrace (or have sex with) sin.
2) The sovereignty of God. God - who made things right in the midst of sin and evil - is the reality of Easter. HE made right of what is so terribly bad in us called sin (rebellion against God). We don't need to have sex with sin ANYMORE. Dangling in sin will eventually breed evil - broken relationships, pain and hurt, confusion, hate, rage, bitterness... Just see Galatians 5:19-21. Even more so, sin entices us to act out in evil actions. It becomes us; active and living within.
ONLY living in God's right-ness will break the sex addiction of sin in our lives.
This is why I celebrate the most important week of human history - Easter. Not because I get a stat holiday but because I have the opprotunity to reveal in His goodness rather.