5 Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2012

One of my favorite things to do is to set big picture goals in ministry, home life, and for myself. It is something that gives me motivation but also encourages me on how my past goals have been attained.

King Solomon, who was the wisest and wealthiest man in his day said,

             "without a vision people will perish..."

In the same way, when we DONT set goals we naturally allow our full potential in our skill, relationships, and purpose God to erode. Here are some ways that have helped me achieve some goals:

Write down 3-4 goals

I encourage you to write down 3-4 goals for your life, relationships, and occupation. At the same time, I have known people who would write down 20-25 goals but it becomes unrealistic to reach. Keep it simple. 

Write down an action plan

Goals NEED an action plan. Without an action plan goals are just dreams. I have used the S.M.A.R.T template for goals:

Specific - are detailed on what you want to accomplish. 

Measurable - someone once said, "Inch by inch life is a sinch. Yard by yard, life gets hard." goals need to be managed. I do this by writing down 3-4 actions steps/goal.

Actionable - use action! 

Realistic - goals that are realistic stretch you but dont break you.

Time-bound - set a timeline. Without a realitistic timeline, goals become too far fetched.

Write down motivators

Lets face it! Life has its unexpected surprises and pitfalls. When you take time to write down WHY you have these goals, the motivators will HELP you when life gets tough.  

Don’t forget relationships!

 Goals without relationships become dull. The top 3 resolutions of all time are to:

  • Loose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Get out of debt

These resolutions aren't bad but without relationships that cheer us on, keep us accountable, and offer advice goals become unattainable. We can become discouraged, beat ourselves up, and give up on our goals. But, through accountability, ANY goal is achievable. Which relationships in your life can help support you with your goals? Parents? Spouse? Friend? Mentor? Perhaps finding an accountability relationship for each of your goals will help you move forward. 

Keep Perspective

We are all called to purpose. Goals need to be focused on the God-given purpose for your life. As King Solomon wisely put it that people perish with vision, we also perish without a clear, crisp persepective that comes from God. How are you planning to keep God in the big picture? Without him, our goals become limited and perhaps self-centered.

I hope this can help you as it has definitely helped me.

May 2012 best your best year ever!