Recreating vision in an over-managed culture

If leadership is vision (why) then management should follow (how).

I think vision ALWAYS proceeds and rises above management. As vision grows, management will follow. BEWARE when management outgrows vision. When that happens, you have peaked in your influence as a person, organization, ecclesia, and context. Over-management can constipate creativity, minimize mission, and overlook vision.

Furthermore, it is interesting when a leadership team/organization begins to see their influence peak (and fall) and scrabble to strengthen management (how to strengthen the how) rather than inspire, create vision, and build buy in (recreating the why’s). Just look at RIM; rather than recreate vision they are changing management. Let’s see where that goes for the “vision” struggling company.

Another great example of over management would be the photo-film giant Kodak; who originally created the digital film in the 1970’s but decided to shelf the idea because of their multi-million dollar success at the time. Great lesson!

Question: How do you create vision? Evaluate vision? Re-create vision?