TBH with Christ

We kicked off a series called TBH with Christ with EC NGM.  Here are some of the honest, uncut, and uncensored, questions that came through over texts. We will try to start a conversation with each of these text questions. Feel free to leave a comment.

If you pray does it help you grow a beard?

Yes… check out the Vintage 21 videos on Youtube.

Do you think its right to say our religion is better than others?

No… I don’t think its right to say our religion (assuming Christianity) is better than others. With that said, out of the 33,000 different religions and cults in our world, Christianity is the only one that introduces grace.

If weed is bad why did God create it?

This is a great question… Let me give some perspective. I believe God created everything; including humans, animals, planets, universe, EVERYTHING including sex, and hemp. With that said God also gave humans the ability to manage His creation; thus, taking ownership of it. Now… because we live in a world that is evil; experiencing pain and gives pain, we also pain creation by our evil deeds. For example, what God created us in return abuse? We can abuse sex (ie, porn), abuse food (ie junk), abuse hemp (by creating weed) even though God created them… not for evil intention but for humanity to be in unity with each other and God. Apostle Paul said… everything is permissible but not beneficial. In the same way, even though God created everything, humanity can abuse because of our evil intent; thus not beneficial (unless used for medical reasons).

Whenever I pray and ask God something, why doesn’t he ever answer! Why should I be looking for? A sign?

Best teaching that someone gave me is God ANSWERS ALL prayers in 4 ways:

NO – because we ask out of our selfishness rather than His goodness – ie, Porsche

GROW – because we aren’t ready for the answer

SLOW – He wants us to realize the process is just as important as the answer

GO – He answers

Sometimes our prayers are legit but out of our control (ie, parents to quit fighting, etc.) that only God or those people can control. With that said, nothing is impossible with God. Miracles STILL happen! Keep praying because pray is more than a slot machine for answered prayers but a two way conversation with God that He desires to grow.

I feel alone when I pray to God… and I don’t know what to do?

TBH, I think aloneness or loneliness is the result of not knowing our purpose in life. I feel for ya and know how your feel yet I have found  if I know my purpose loneliness isn’t the result but fun, adventure, and pure awesomeness! So, my question back is how do we find purpose? I think Jesus nailed it pretty good in John 10:10… Check it out and make Tuesday nights a priority to find your purpose… you won’t be disappointed.

Nathan – cane you share one of the prayers that god answered from when you talked to God as an atheist?

I will get him to answer that shortly :)

What is God suppose to do in our lives?

Good question… check out the video:


What is a way to make praying an everyday thing?

As a teenager I prayed before I went to bed as this was the best time for me.  I put in my journal, “captains log” points of prayer for seeking God’s will, requests for others, and for Him to forgive me of my sins/personal requests WITH reading the Bible.

I read a PROVERB of a day and a chapter in the New Testament a day. This helped me understand who God was, what He did/does for me, and to understand myself. It really helped me as a teenager

Why is God above us?

Bible says God is everywhere.

If you don’t pray outloud how do you know God hears you?

Yes… because God is all-knowing.

What is the purpose of humans if we only trouble God?

We don’t trouble God. He came to save us from our own trouble and then calls us to live a life that makes our world better.

Why does God judge us on how to live and which way we live, when he says in the Bible that he doesn’t judge and loves us all?

There are two types of judgment that God gives. First is a judgment of sin which equals death; not only physical death but spiritual death. God sent His Son, Jesus, to take away the sins of the world through salvation. It is a gift that we can either receive or reject.

The second type of judgment is based on accountability on how we live our lives… do we truly live for God or ourselves? Make the world a better place or not?  This is a post-based judgment.

With that said, God doesn’t judge us because he hates us! He judges us based on finding righteousness with God. Check out Jn 3:16-17; Romans 5:8.

I sort of believe in God but I really want to believe in him, but it’s hard to believe in some things. I’m confused and I don’t know what to do?

Keep asking questions! Keep coming out to youth. Get connected to your Refuel leader. This will help!

How do you know when you get the word from God? Does he choose when you get it?

All “words” from God should line up with God’s Word, encourage you, and give you peace.

Does God say legit?

Yes… aka “It is finished” - Jesus on the Cross

Kelly, what is your favorite thing about God?

I will get Kelly to answer this J