Does God change His mind?

Does YHWH, the all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent relational God change His mind?

As I look into Scripture, it reveals little on this subject but gives hints:

  • Moses stands in the gap for Israel in Exodus 33 as YHWH; instead of destroying the people of God in their sin accepts his plea to reveal His presence through Israel.
  • King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20 pleas for YHWH to extend his life after a sickness and graciously complies.
  • With that said, Malachi 3:6 reveals, “I the LORD do not change…” that God’s character and eternal purposes do not change.
  • So, when asking the question, “Does God change his mind?” we must screen our answers through the character of God that he desires to have a relationship with His people.
  • In ANY relationship, there is communication, cooperation, and conflict; good and bad. Someone once said that “God is all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere but he limits himself through our prayers.”
  • In other words, God NEVER changes but intervenes, provides, protects, reveals, and counteracts on our behalf as we humbly respond or react to him. Perhaps Moses, Hezekiah, and the people of Israel were learning MORE about their relationship with YHWH and how He desires for us to be interdependent with Him than twisting His arm for our own selfish prayers.

What do you think? Does God change His mind?