Leading from the Gut

EVERY leader will have to lead from the gut from time to time; whether it is a personal decision to complex decisions for multi-billion dollar companies; you still got to lead when the direction/outcomes of your decisions aren’t clear.

Leading from the gut is an inner reality, an intuition, “feeling” at peace with a decision made. In saying that, leaders are forced to make these “gut”-like decisions because they are the leader; and other are looking.

For me, instead of becoming impulsive in my decision making and calling it intuition, I have a filter to flow my thoughts and make a choice accordingly. Leaders have to use their heads and hearts to lead in the unknown. I hope my thoughts and indicators can help you lead in any decision you find yourself in when the outcomes aren’t clear:

Hiring people

  • You got to check references on paper and through relationships; even if it is volunteers. Have a process in place. It is easier to filter through staff than to fire them.
  • You need to communicate expectations, team dynamics, roles and responsibilities, and communication lines. Work as teams… mentor people into roles.

 Firing people

  • firing people is NEVER easy but it has be done.
  • firing people is EASIER is there has been clear communication from the leader to the staff
  • firing people is NOT only for paid positions but also for volunteers.
  • indicate stress points, channel personnel accordingly to talents and abilities. If not, help them find a new position elsewhere. Fire with class… maintain relationship.

Personal Decisions

  • Write down pros/cons of the decision being made (especially if it is a life career move). Weigh out your options.
  • Factor in important relationships; such as mentors, family, spouse, children; as sounding boards
  • At the end of the day, be at peace that you made the best decision possible and why (communicate effectively to your team/organization)
  • Be motivated by purpose. Don’t seek popularity, pleasure, or success: “If you love God and people, then it doesn’t matter what you do because it will be blessed” – Mark 10:31-32. In other words, God gets the success… not us.

Following Christ is success – Joshua 1:6-8... this is leading well!