Praying for the Faceless

During our time in Thailand, we put together a birthday party for a boy named James. His family lives in a cattle shack because they are poor and oppressed. Due to this reality, the children are faceless; with no identification, no social security, no government life nets; and therefore, vulnerable to human trafficking. Here is a note from our friends (from April 8):

Hello my friends and family.  Today our friend and neighbor, San San Jee, phoned Dave with news that Rosaline is missing.  She left her house last night at some time and hasn't been at the house since.  We just came from San San Jee's home where she explained that when she called Rosaline there was no sound, no movement.  She is very worried about her 12 year old niece.  Where could she have gone?  She's worried about her safety -- there are very bad people out there; what if something bad happens to Rosaline; spoken by San San Jee as tears fall down her cheeks.  San San Jee's husband and coworkers took the day off today in search of Rosaline but they found nothing.  Maybe she is working in someone's home or maybe she has been taken - we don't know.  All we can do is pray for San San Jee, her husband, James and Chris and safety for Rosaline.  Please join us in prayer for our neighbors that Rosaline will find safety back to her home and to the ones that love and care for her.

Rosaline is the girl caring for the little ones in her family (in the blue shirt). Please pray… at this really ALL we can do.