The NOW is OLD – Part 1

When it comes to programs, structures, or ministries, we need to continue to keep the perspective: the NOW is OLD. We need to continue to recreate SIP’s (systems in place) to reach further, higher, and more effective. Otherwise, we plateau and maintain machinery. I think we maintain and plateau for many different reasons, but, I think the main reason is that we get too comfortable with the NOW that it becomes the OLD; whether we get lazy, don’t mentor the next generation, drop the baton, get in a rut, or stay in a role too long.

With that said, how do we recreate SIP’s? I personally think it takes a lot WORK and GUTS - prayer, strategic planning, collaboration, hard decisions... Here are some thoughts:

  • How are you strengthening the existing SIP’s to reach out to new endeavors?
  • What culture groups are you not reaching that need SIP?
  • Have you created a culture that embraces change (growth, mission vs method, intelligent agape to embrace an ever changing culture)? NOT all change isn’t good. Bad change is change for the sake of change.
  • Have you created a culture that embraces multigenerational contexts?

Change is NOT easy. It is hard. Difficult for many. Uncomfortable. But, being a follower of Jesus was just that. If we can teach people to “marry the Mission, date the method”, change can be embraced.

Keep moving forward.