Worth a Thousand Words - part 4

Our last day in Thailand was reflecting on the goodness of God, having fun at the beach, and trekking with elephants...

Beach and Complex in Pattaya


Pattaya is a beautiful place... It was even better having our complex across the beach :) But there is also a dark side to Pattaya... It is world renown for women being treated as objects. Most of the demand is by North American indulgences. Women can go as cheap as 1000-1500 baht or $25.00-$30.00 CND/hour. It is a very sad reality that women is treated as a price tag; yet, Christ sees them as priceless.

Elephant Trek

A highlight for the team was the Elephant Trek... It was an AWESOME experience.



Thai Floating Market

Before hitting the airport, we had the opportunity to experience a Thai floating market. We had to buy lunch on our own to experience the culture.