A Story from the Slums

A praise report from the slum carnival:

Thank you again for coming!  Our family loved the group and had a great time.  The kids and adults in the community loved the team too!

All of the games and prizes were perfect!  Thank you for taking so much time and effort to plan and prepare.  And the team did a great job at being flexible too.

As an encouragement to the team, please share the following feedback we received on the way out of the community tonight.

"That was really a lot of fun"  - the older gentlemen who is the caretaker for the temple and courtyard area.

"How long is the team staying?  And more importantly, when is the team coming back?" - a group of boys who loved playing and hanging out with the team (especially the guys)

"Teacher, teacher, look at all the prizes I received" - many, many kids with beaming faces

"The prizes are awesome!"  - numerous kids

I could go on and on.....

One thing that really tugged at my heart was the gesture made by one of our naughtiest boys.  As we passed his house tonight, he told me to stop and then ran back inside his house to get all the prizes he received.  He had a huge smile as he showed me all that he got.  And then he pulled out a pencil and gave it to me.  I couldn't believe he was giving this to me.  Then he gave me a hug and ran back inside.  This little boy did something that most Christians have yet to learn.  "Because I am blessed, I will bless others".  And this is from a kid who usually grabs and takes things from others.  Love to see the little miracles; it gives us hope. 

All of the kids had huge smiles on their faces tonight and it was really good to see them so happy.

Thank you again for coming and may God be with you during the rest of the trip and beyond.

In Him,