Leaving a Legacy

If you are reading this, you probably have a job, at least one car, a place to sleep and call home, food, and health.

In saying that, North American culture always wants MORE. A bigger house, the newest and best vehicles, a better career... those things in themselves aren’t bad UNLESS they become the focus of our lives... and materialism can become the focus of your life if you are always in WANT. Materialism can become selfish, prideful, and fleeting.

So... what is the antidote to materialism? It is simple: GIVE. Give money, give time, give talent to eternal things; which ARE relationships.

Here is a video of the poverty reality in Northwest Thailand:


Here are three projects our team wants to give to:

Hsa Moo Htaw school reality

NEED: computer ($400.00 CND)


Huay Ka Loke dormitory

NEED: boys dorm ($3000.00 CND)


Life camp water filtration system at the School of Hope

NEED: clean drinking water ($3500.00 CND)

Any excess funds above and beyond their costs to Thailand have been going towards these three projects. To date, the teens have paid for the computer and 10%of the boys dormitory at Huay Ka Loke school. If you would like to give, please CLICK HERE for details or contact me.

This is MORE than giving to projects. It is about investing in people. You can NEVER go wrong if you invest in relationships. Remember... the ONLY antidote to materialism is giving.