ERDO: Japan Earthquake Response

In the early hours of Friday March 11, 2011 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck in East Japan. Three hundred people are confirmed dead and many more are injured.

ERDO as the humanitarian agency of the PAOC is preparing to respond to the devastating situation on the ground and the resulting tsunami warnings throughout 20 countries within the Pacific Rim. We are working with our local partners on the ground including our Assemblies of God partners (Convoy of Hope) to identify needs and ensure that ERDO’s assistance is timely and appropriate.

We are pleased to report that PAOC Global workers are safe and accounted for. Our ERDO staff are closely monitoring the situation in Japan and the surrounding region. As communication becomes more stable ERDO will assist in a partnered response with Convoy of Hope, the ACT alliance and other trusted partners.

Continue to pray for the victims of this disaster who have suffered immense loss of family and property. Click here for more information on how to donate to ERDO’s relief effort.