Tis the season for... Being politically correct?

Just a curious thought here, but is being politically correct represent tolerance; which I totally agree with; or creating a pluralistic worldview where beliefs, morals, and values become diluted?

I am more concerned for the next generation to stand up for NOTHING because truth is somehow subjective by accepting EVERYTHING out of a pluralistic worldview.

On the flip side, standing up for truth needs to be honed in tolerance. Tolerance is having the maturity to respect people's values enough to also stand up for their own... I would call this being Biblically correct.

NOW... before you think I am another Bible pusher, I'm not AS MUCH AS being Biblically correct reveals love, grace, and truth.

The Bible, God, Jesus all reveal LOVE + TRUTH = TOLERANCE. Throughout the Biblical, we see the need to accept others (Jesus did that ALL the time) and also revealed truth to them (religious leaders, Gentiles, prositutes, government officials). Furthremore, Jesus calls US (as followers of Christ) to accept others. I call them the other commands (Eph 4:13; Jn 13:3; James 5:16; Jn 13:14... in fact, there are dozen of words in the New Testament that command Christians to be tolerant with each other). Let me define tolerance again; just in case, that it is to RESPECT others enought to stand up for truth.

How are you revealing tolerance to the next generation? Are you more concerned about being politically correct or being Biblically correct; that is, being a follower of Jesus? 

May this Season from Dec 25-Jan 1; which represents new life (Dec 25) and new beginnings (Jan 1), be one of conviction and tolerance, NOT compromise and pluralism. It is really a choice