How Should Christians Respond to Halloween?

How should Christians respond to Halloween?

First, some Christians decide to isolate because of the origins of Halloween, and perhaps rightly so. Halloween originated from a pagan ritual believing the underworld met earth. In response, the people would wear scary costumes and dance around fires to scare away evil spirits.

Second, some decide to condemn Halloween as an evil holiday celebrating the birth of Satan. This might be a practical response for Christians because we don’t celebrate the birth of Satan. Furthermore, some condemn pumpkin carving because Jack O Lantern (a real person) decided to carve pumpkins to scare away evil spirits from his home.

Third, some decide not to participate in Halloween because of the violence associated with October 31. “Trick or Treat” originated from England where street/poor children asked the rich to give a “treat” (food) to meet their needs known as Begger’s Night (in the US). If children were snubbed off they would respond by vandalizing the homes of the rich.

Last, some Christians have responded redemptive. In the 1800s, a group of Christians decided to redeem Halloween by dressing up children in Biblical or animal costumes and ask for candy throughout the neighbourhood. With that said, I would take it even further that Christians should respond to Halloween by offering safe, fun, and warm activities for children and their families.

Isn’t this what Jesus did for you and me?

Rather than responding to our sins by isolating Himself or condemning us as sinners, He initiated a relationship with us while we still FAR from him (John 3:16; Romans 5:8).

Shouldn’t we respond the same?

This is what Emmanuel wants to do. On Monday, October 31, we open our doors for ANYONE and EVERYONE to experience a safe, warm, and friendly place to have fun.

Be released to redeem...