The Gospel is NOT...

The Gospel is not about...

Individualism – God doesn’t call you to be a lone ranger in heaven... Heaven isn’t all about YOU. In fact, God calls you to community... Matthew 5-7 speaks of the relationship God gives to humanity and standards of interpersonal relationship with each other.

Religion – God doesn’t care about rules and regulations as much as having a relationship with His people. Those that build on this relationship with the All-mighty God is worship, prayer, wisdom, seeking, guidance.

Tradition – the Gospel is BIGGER than the 4 spiritual laws... it is about community, transformation into the likeness of Christ, and mission.

Status – some may think that the Gospel is a free ticket to heaven; which is partly true but not the whole truth... as it is about mission. The Gospel is BIGGER than status... it is simply making the world and people’s lives better as PURE RELIGION.

If you understand the Gospel as “good news”, when was the last time you built community with people who are unlike you? When was the last time you served others simply to bring out the best in them? And, more importantly, is the Gospel transforming you into the likeness of Christ in everyday life or is everyday life numbing out the Gospel?