Theology of FUN

Teenagers NEED fun.

Without fun, teens become bored, complacent, and to be honest, zombie like... especially in youth ministry. We live in a world that has perceives FUN as drunkenness, premarital sex, and “party-like-its-your-birthday” actions… and it can creep into our youth ministries if we dont create a theology of fun…

In saying that, the church needs to create places for clean fun… In other words, CHURCH HAS TO BE FUN. Why?

1. Because FUN creates memories – when you do crazy games or object lessons, teens will remember them. For example, when I am able to chuck duct taped diapers at kid’s heads and chat about the “flaming arrows” found in Ephesians 6, teens are able to connect the dots on their terms. Teens NEED fun to create good memories.

2. Because FUN connects – if you are able to have fun with teenagers, you will naturally connect with them. Of course food will too, but, having fun goes a lot deeper. Teens won’t connect to grumpy people… Fun connects teens with teens, and with adults.

3. Because FUN is needed – teens need to experience where it’s FUN. Many teenagers don’t have fun at school, home, or even with their “cool” friends (because they cannot be themselves). In saying that, we got to create places where teens can be themselves, feel comfortable to relax, and hopefully have some fun.

4. Because FUN is contagious – Fun people will draw bored people. FUN is deeper than cool games, gross eating contests, or wrestling challenges, it is about Jesus. In fact, Jesus promised us “abundant life”. It means a life to the “full”… at all times! Imagine creating a culture where teens can experience a fun (abundant) life for LIFE. This is what we are called to.

Are you creating a theology of FUN?

Are you showing what abundant life looks like?

Are you contagious or grumpy?

Have FUN… and don’t get caught up too much with the things that hinder abundant life…