Ideas for Leveraging Influence

Social Media Phenomenon – for example, over 500 million people have a FB page. This aspect of leveraging influence is beyond physical capabilities, culture barriers, and the current realities of your influence.

Apostle Paul used technology in his time to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. He used pen and paper. In the same way, we need to use the technology given today to spread the Good News of Jesus… NOT our own religious piety or agenda (which we have seen both). In any case, how are you leveraging your influence with social media?

Some ideas would include FB, Twitter, texting (which is HUGE), blogging/vlogging, other (I would love to get your ideas)?

Key Relationships – NOTHING is more important than relationships.

Apostle Paul did this very well. In his missionary journeys, he purposefully went to cities, synagogues, and prestigious/influential people. Why did he do this? He wanted the Good News to have the opportunity to be spread beyond his capabilities. Who are you connecting with? Are you building trust with people? Do you have a strategy to connect with people that have a wider influential circle than you have (this requires a deep amount of humilty)? And, how are you influencing them with the Gospel?

This would include politicians in your community, principals in your schools, key faithful pillars in your church/ministry, your supervisor, key supporters, and other people you look up to.

God – because of HIS providence, He opens and closes doors. Be sensitive to the opportunities he gives to you on a daily basis AND take FULL advantage (Ephesians 5:16). This doesn’t happen over night, it usually takes work, humility, and grace. But, over time, you will gain trust with people and therefore influence them.

When I say “influence”, I am thinking of two aspects: 1) leading/revealing the good news of Jesus Christ, and 2) leading/revealing the influence-ees to influence their spheres with the goods news.

A great example is in Acts 17:16-34.

How are you leveraging influence to/in those around you?