When Fatigue walks IN Faith walks OUT: Leadership thoughts with Mike Love - Part 2

At AWAKE camp, Mike Love shared some great self leadership questions. If leadership is all about influence, then you and I need to lead ourselves before we lead others. If not, then you and I are dangerously close in leading in fatigue rather than faith.

Here are the goods:

Are you likeable? The Likeability Factor by Tim Sanders (book)

Do you leave people better when you find them?

Do people feel smaller or bigger when they are with you?

Do your actions speak your words?

Are you making dust or eating dust?

List down the relationships that you have? The good, bad, ugly and why

Who do you need to forgive?

Who do you need to ask forgiveness from?

Am I committed to a day off... Not just away from the office? When fatigue walks in faith walks out.

What do you do to make your family more valuable than ministry?

Am I providing a great model of marriage and family to my church?

How do you feed your soul?

Who is my supportive and encouraging friends?

Who are your intrecessors?

Where do I need to be open with in relationships? God assigns people to us. Don't be too quick to reject that person who comes alongside and help... Or not

What relationships should you be avoiding?

Who are you running with 30-40 years from now?