Great Ministry flows out of Great Relationships: Leadership thoughts with Mike Love - Part 1

During AWAKE camp, we had a leadership seminar with Mike Love. Here is part one of his thoughts:

Great ministry flows out of great relationships.

With every relationship, there are tensions. Everyone pulling on the rope makes things better.

Exodus 18,

-what are you trying to accomplish?

-Jesus uses the same pattern of leadership with the disciples

-who are you investing in?

-the purpose of leadership is to produce other leaders.

-target young adult/people to invest in future leadership role

-watch out for poor organization as that hurts people/leaders.

-leadership is not measured by your presence but in your absence.

Relationships in leadership

Relational expectations are:

1) relationship with self - tension by being human and the messiah. Need to understand our limitations,

2) relationship with the LORD; publicly and personally: what is the state of your soul. Being spiritually fresh.

3) relationship with our spouse/family - tension between family (unresolved conflict). Unbalanced schedule, family ministry is harder than public ministry, family life doesn't stroke the ego like public ministry because they expect you to walk it out. Rare is the pastor from wanting to do more ministry when they go home to their families. Where ever you are, be there. Private victory must proceed public victory. Carve out a balanced life.

4) relationship with your pastor. Champion your pastor.. Find a mentorship person.

5) relationship with parents. Tension between their kid and the group. Care and love parents... they are your ally!

6) relationship with other churches. Be with the youth guys in your city.

7) relationship with the community between the inward and outward. Work stronger with our community.

8) relationship with the fellowship. Your direction between district direction and personal/church vision

Energized relationships - the lost, friends, family

De-energizer relationships - people who are always needy, critical people, spectators (opinions but doesn't have solutions)

Must need relationships - life spiritual coach, thinking relationship (idea bouncer), listening friends, empathizer - someone to feel. Fun friends. Correcting friends. Have people who love you enough to share advice that would perhaps end your friendship. Understand the risks and rewards of friendships.

Hope this gives you some insight into your leadership. Part 2 is tomorrow.

Lead Well!