Indicators of Ineffectiveness in Leadership

An ancient King named Amaziah gives a great illustration of how to plateau in our leadership effectiveness:

  • Self- Reliance (v.8) - Amaziah was successful in Biblical terms (which is found on reliance with God) but isn't content in his success... he wanted MORE (v.8). In other words, he wasn't content with the call of God on his life. He started to put things in his OWN hands. He was MORE driven my results rather than relationships with God and his people. Ever been there before?
  • Arrogance (v.8) - Amaziah starts to pick fights with EVERYONE... thinking that he is better than other national leaders? Ever been there before... Thinking that you are better than someone else OR/AND thinking you can DO things better than other leaders?
  • Pride (v.11) - usually, proud people would never see themselves prideful... that is the problem with pride! No one owns up to it. HOWEVER, a good indicator that you are dealing with pride is that you dont like advise from other people; even those who are the closest to you. Pride hinders self-awareness, equipping other leaders, and usually festers in territorial examples of conflict (my turf vs your turf). How are you dealing with pride? To be honest, leaders usually deal with this one... are you listening? Or criticizing?
  • Selfish (v.11) - he didnt CARE about his people. In any area of influence or leadership, success is given BY the people through care! Caring for the people displays trust. BUT King Amaziah didn't care about his people AS MUCH AS his own selfish wants. Rather than meeting the needs of the people, he pursued his own gains. BEWARE of this one because the people will turn on you. Caring isn't about given in to ALL the needs of your people/congregation/followers, but leading them out of their own selfishness. God gives wisdom to this one as leadership is contextual.

In result... he brought himself down; the nation he picked a fight with defeated him (v. 12-13); made a fool out of him by demolishing the capitol (v. 14); and his people rebelled (v.19).


Have you and I plateaued in our effectiveness due to our own selfishness?

What plateaued indicators do you deal with the most?

How have you and I deepened our relationship with Christ?

Are we more concerned with people or productivity?

Are we meeting the needs of our followers/congregations? And JUST AS IMPORTANT, are we meeting the needs of our communities?

Lead well friends!