There is NO such thing as “Good” or “Bad” stress in the Kingdom

What causes you to stress out? Is it family conflicts, money pressures, church people, deadlines and demands… whatever it is, we ALL face with stress; perhaps on a daily basis.

It is important to determine your stress points and your relieve valves. If not, we become damaged leaders that damage others… and it usually starts with those that are closest to us.

Furthermore, there are AWESOME resources to help leaders determine stress points, indicators that we are stressed, and how to deal with stress appropriately.

But what does Scripture have to say about stress? Interestingly enough, the Bible doesn’t address stress as a topic as much as how to respond:

  • Stress does NOT come from God. It is generated by the worldly needs that we encounter on a daily basis. There is no such thing as “good” or “bad” stress in the Kingdom. In saying that, if unchecked, stress will develop a door for the enemy to rob you of the joys in your life – Matthew 13:22
  • Stress indicates a lack of intimacy with ChristLuke 10:41-42; Matthew 6:33
  • Stress reveals the motivation to control the situation as the reality is... ONLY God has supreme control – Isaiah 55:1-3; Hab 3:17-19
  • UNCHECKED and/or un-dealt stress will cause a blurred perspective, an ungrateful attitude, and will result in burnt relationships. – Romans 8:31 (fear or faith motivators); Psalms 127:1-2

How you and I do business with stress is more important than what is stressing us out. How are you dealing with stress?