The Power of Trust

Trust is a powerful tool in a hand of any leader… but it doesn’t come easy. Look at Hezekiah, a spiritual leader and king of a nation:

  • He trusted in God - he led his people out of apostasy (v.4). He did this by destroying the things that defiled them for generations. This would have been a hard task/project for any leader. In fact, I don’t think many leaders would have gone as extreme as he did because the fear of rebellion. But, Hezekiah was more concerned what the LORD would have thought than the people. What are you more concerned with?
  • Trust will be tested - Hezekiah’s trust in the Lord was tested by people and circumstances. The Assyrian king flexed his military power to destroy Hezekiah’s kingdom (v.4-5), mocked his trust in God (v. 25), and called out to the people to rebel against Hezekiah (v.30)… Has your trust in God ever been tested?
  • Trust with God earns trust with people – this should be a given. If you and I follow God as Hezekiah did, people would respond to our leadership in trust. It is amazing to me that the people did not rebel against Hezekiah in the face of the Assyrian nation. In fact, they are willing to lay down their lives for their leader than give in to the Assyrian king (v.36). Imagine if Hezekiah gave in??? The real benefit of trust comes out when you and I are tested. Would your people be willing to lay down their lives to your leadership?


I truly believe that the local church is the hope of the world. You and I have the great honor and privilege to build our people, communities, and leadership teams out of TRUST... not out of position, power, or prestige.

How are you revealing TRUST to your people? Are you living a life that communicates God’s heart to your people? Not religious apostasy...

How has your trust in God and people been tested? By others? People? Even God? How have you responded? More importantly, what do you and I need to do to trust in God for/more?

Do your people trust you with their lives? This is the ultimate example of trust!