Convos with Bob Lenz... the pizza hymnal dude

So at HM I asked Bob out for lunch to pick his brain on youth ministry... NEVER had the chance to go for lunch but I did get some good thoughts... and wanted to share them with you:

Q: What are the non-negotiable in youth ministry?

A: 1) Challenge teenagers... just don't teach them. Get them to do something with their faith... always give them an avenue/response to your teaching.

    2) Have a outreach night (high fun, hit them with the gospel) and a discipleship night

    3) Do STM trips and have purposeful followup programs

    4) Develop leaders well... I even took a pay cut to hire more staff as I started to speak abroad


Q: How do you prepare a message?

A: I use the SCORRE method by Ken Davis. I memorize my points and build stories around them. I try to make them laugh.... because if they laugh, they will listen... and if they listen, they will learn. I use this method in schools too.


Q: How did you transition from being a youth pastor to a full time national speaker?

A: I was doing both... but my dad told me one day through a hunting story that I needed to do either/or... because I couldn't do both well. I asked God and felt that he didn't care what I did... if I loved him and loved people, he would bless it no matter what I do.