Going all the way...

On Friday night (May 21) at HM Fearless, hundreds of youth and young adults made a decision or rededication to follow Jesus.

In saying that, Bob Lenz spoke on going all the way...

  • God is NOT wanting you and I to have God as our #1 but as our all
  • It is like a marriage relationship of love and acceptance. God is waiting at the altar but we have to go all the way.
  • Imagine on  your wedding day if your spouse only went half way to the altar??? It would be over... feelings of disappointment, rejection, and anger.
  • God wants you and I to give him everything because Heaven is better than...

Are you willing to give Jesus your all? He did for you... and asks for the same.


  • The world needs followers of Jesus... not religious people.
  • Heaven is FREE and is a GIFT. It is up to us what we do with that gift.
  • We got to get back to being "red letters of Jesus" rather than sub church like cultures
  • We represent Jesus... and I take that responsibility seriously as some will only know Jesus through you and me.
  • What are your thoughts?

Check out HM pics: