Why drugs and booze is BORING

EVERYTIME I connect with a teen(s) about drugs or booze, the same lines appear:

It is fun

Everyone else is doing it

What else can I do?

So what?

Well... the BIGGEST reason why drugs and booze SUCK is that you get BORED of it! Seriously... you will. And then the BEST answer then comes out as: “I will never do harsh drugs...”

This isn’t about bashing people... but think about it... if you get bored of doing the stuff, then what?

Keep drinking harsher stuff?

Keep smoking MORE weed or other stupid junk?

Go to ALL the parties???

It doesn’t matter, it will still get boring.

I think “being” bored means that YOU find no satisfaction (stuff that LASTS) in what you are doing. Think about this... why do you keep going to drugs and booze??? Because it DOESNT LAST... the high dies down... the buzz fades away (that is a NO brainer)!

But, we keep going back to it because with think there is nothing better...

BUT, in reality... that is just the beginning:

The MORE you drink, the bigger the gut...

The MORE drugs, the deeper you get spaced out... and stay in grade 10 the rest of your life... or worst yet, get brain dead because of a bad trip.

The MORE the parties, the duller they get...

There is NOTHING that comes out of drugs and booze that will get you a better life... all it does is fill your life with stuff that doesn’t last... sounds like fun.

If you are reading this, you are a stoner, boozer, or someone who is curious about it... LISTEN... you got to find something that will appease your appetite... there is something better and more rewarding...

READ John 10:10... and if you mean to live by it... you will have the wildest ride of YOUR life!