Last night, I experienced 23 youth and leaders lead their peers with the greatest message of ALL; how Jesus transforms lives. As I sat back and watched these teens walk out their calling, it was amazing to see their influence at work.

The top 3 influences in youth culture TODAY are:

  • Media/TV/Internet
  • Friends
  • Parents

In the 1960’s, top 3 influences in youth culture were:

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Teacher/Mentor/Pastor

As you ALREADY know that youth culture has shifted, empowerment is ONE of the best ways to influence adolescents.

As leaders in TODAY’S culture, we got to find fulfillment in empowering others. I think it is something that we are wired to do, but empowerment isn’t easy or a quick fix. Some things I have learnt about empowerment:

  • You got to build a culture of empowerment
  • Empowerment brings sustainability in your culture
  • Empowerment breeds achievement in and through others
  • Empowerment is to LET GO of power (or the sense of power) and to let others lead
  • Empowerment takes time, discipleship out of a mentorship role, and ongoing encouragement
  • Empowerment should push you OUT of a job

I think that empowerment is not ONLY about others as much as YOU and I. Only leaders can create a culture where empowerment can flourish. What hinders empowerment is:

  • A faulty self –identity that is fed by success, own accomplishments, and/or fame rather than DEEPENING identity in Christ
  • A lack of TRUST or MISTRUST with those around you
  • You are not focused with building people AS MUCH AS by being busy accomplishing tasks
  • LONE RANGER philosophy of leadership/ministry; which isn’t a NT model at all… In fact, I would say it is a worldly model in its entirety.

I hope this helps YOU empower others. Besides, you and I wouldn’t be leading if it wasn’t for the greatest leader of all empowering you and me with the greatest message for all.