Must Reads in Leadership

YOU MUST KNOW that there are a ton of books out there on leadership... And you must know that some of them arent really that good.

That is why Leadership Journal has put together a top ten list on leadership books from 2009. Here are the goods:

The Leader's INNER Life:

Knowing Christ Today
Why we can trust spiritual knowledge
by Dallas Willard (HarperOne)

"Every leader from elder boards on down ought to be revolutionized by this book. Its correctives are timely, needed, and redemptive." —Sarah Sumner

 Leading on Empty: Refilling your tank and renewing your passion
by Wayne Cordeiro (Bethany House)

"This book should be handed out with seminary diplomas with a note that says: When you hit a wall (and you will), read this!" —Robert Gelinas

Longing for God
Seven paths of Christian devotion
by Richard Foster and Gayle Bebee (IVP)

"This book is not for the cloistered. It's for leaders who are too busy not to walk these paths." —Clark Cothern

A Praying Life
Connecting with God in a distracting world
by Paul Miller (NavPress)

"Helps us take an honest look at the ongoing challenges of prayer." —Nina Gunter

Why We Love the Church: In praise of institutions and organized religion
by Ted Kluck and Kevin DeYoung (Moody)

"Counters the church-bashing prevalent in our culture." —Wayne Schmidt

The Leader's OUTER life 

Deep Church
A third way beyond emerging and traditional
by Jim Belcher (IVP)

"Neither traditionalism nor emerging Christianity comes out unscathed. But Belcher's analysis is fair and even. I hope all our future conversations about what divides us is done in the spirit of Deep Church, which reminds us at every turn what unites us: the gospel of Jesus Christ." —Brandon O'Brien

Love is an Orientation
Elevating the conversation with the gay community
by Andrew Marin (IVP)

"How faithful churches can lovingly and graciously embrace the gay community." —Dave Gibbons

Lost and Found
The younger unchurched and the churches that reach them
by Ed Stetzer (B&H)

"I've always been encouraged by Ed's writings. His analysis is spot-on, as are his recommendations for what the church should be doing." —Jonathan Falwell

The Monkey and the Fish
Liquid leadership for a third-culture church
by Dave Gibbons (Zondervan)

"Blended cultures are increasingly relevant for bridge-building. This book's creative storytelling gives useful insight for life and ministry." —David Anderson

The Next Evangelicalism
Freeing the church from Western cultural captivity
by Soong-Chan Rah (IVP)

"Scholarship gives this book a depth beyond many similar tomes that are based mostly on experience. Rah leaves us with real hope." —Katherine Callahan-Howell

Even though these books are good and beneficial, NEVER underestimate the power of Scripture. Nothing comes close to what Scripture gives to you and me (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

KEEP reading... KEEP growing.