Simple Truths in Leadership

Leadership is contextual.

Leadership is about people BEFORE programs.

Leadership's best quality of power is the responsibility to serve its people well.

Leadership is encouraging, equipping, and enabling others to maximize their full potential.

Leaders always grow and realizes it takes hard work to move forward.

Leaders need to know how to follow well.

The best leaders are the ones that build a culture of collaboration and shared vision/responsibilities.

Leaders need to understand balance and discipline themselves accordingly.

Leaders are NOT heroes or celebrities but fosters positive change in the people around them.

Biblical Leadership in the NT is the BEST model for leaders; theologically sound servant leadership.

Jesus is the BEST and MOST profound leader of all time. Today, HE has a following of over 2.8 billion people and hasnt been around for over 2000 years.

Let me know your thoughts and ADD to the list.

Have a great week - AG