WHO is influencing the influencers?

Fundamentally, leadership is influence. Without influence; whether people, finances, concepts, culture, and family; we do not lead. Moreover, everyone is a leader in his/her capacity; whether you like it or not. 

In saying that, the art of leadership is about maximizing your capacity of leadership. I encourage you not to get caught up in all the leadership principles that are conceptual. In other words, don’t be a cookie-cutter leader… and copy leaders who find success in their own contexts.

Sometimes, we get caught up in pursuing success or the benefits of leadership rather than taking responsibilities of leadership (Gideon is a great example).

Instead, find your groove and lead accordingly based on who you are, what you are meant to be/do in this life, and influence others to reach their full potential.

That also opens another thought that if leadership is influence. Not all influence is good leadership… and that is true; whether is the Nazi motivation for world domination or to modern day CEO’s personally intentions to glean the market (people’s money) in the name of “business” doesn’t give these people the right to lead.

Therefore, we have to ask humbly, "what is influencing us as influencers?" If that is a question that is hard to answer, check out your followers as they will mirror you.

In the same way, how are you influencing people... and to reach their full potential in their contexts of influence? This is the art of leadership...

Food for thought…