How YOU can help in Haiti

One of the greatest things humanity can do is help humanity when it is in crisis. It is important not only to know the information but to do everything you can to make a difference about it.

A magnitude – 7.0 earthquake devastated the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. This is the strongest earthquake to hit the nation of Haiti in more than 200 years and has crushed thousands of structures, from schools and homes to the National Palace and the U.N. peacekeeping headquarters. The death toll is currently estimated at 200,000 with 250,000 injured and approximately 3 million left homeless; which is more people than the lower mainland in BC.

Those are staggering stats... I could not begin to imagine the devastation that the Haiti people are going through. I think there are three response to a crisis like this:

1. DO NOTHING - I think it is easy in NA culture to think that there is enough help... but that isnt the right perspective

2. DO SOMETHING - Furthermore, there are Evangelical voices that proclaim that this natural disaster in Haiti is the judgment of God. This isnt the right response either... AND is NOT theologically correct. God does not judge the world based on natural disasters, "acts of God", or diseases. The OT God did this, but the NT God in Jesus has taken on the judgment of the world. Therefore, judgment in our reality is not in OT theology but in NT tehology; which is based on the consenquences of our own sinful nature. Do something on our own agenda (even in the name of God) is not Christ-like at all. If you are thinking this is God, your theology of God is faulty.

3. DO EVERYTHING - listen to your heart and do everything you can to help. That doesnt mean to give everything you have but you are willing do everything it takes to help. I think this is the right response to any crisis. Whether it is global or personal.

In saying that, here are some GREAT ways to help in Haiti:

Canadian Government to Provide 1:1 Match on Donations

Every dollar donated to ERDO by February 12, 2010 for Haiti Earthquake victims will qualify for the matching dollars announced by the Canadian government. To date ERDO has received over $100,000 from our PAOC churches and many individual donors.  Ongoing generous support is needed to help meet the staggering needs for basic necessities and then for recovery and reconstruction activities. 

ERDO Emergency Response 

  • 2 truckloads of medical supplies and desperately needed gas, water and food, purchased in the Dominican Republic with ERDO’s initial relief funds, have made it safely to PAOC missionaries Louise and Michel Charbonneau and the Haiti team.
  • An Emergency Medical Response team of Doctors and nurses accompanied the trucks and are now working with Charbonneau’s to provide medical care for thousands of wounded
  • PAOC missionary Adrian Thomas is working closely with the Haiti team and ERDO from the Dominican Republic to help expedite purchase of supplies etc.
  • Weekly delivery of supplies to the Haiti team is being arranged through Agape an aviation ministry out of the US.
  • ERDO is actively working with trusted partners as we collaborate on a large scale response to help the many thousands living in tent cities on the border of the Dominican Republic
  • Mid-term and Long-term responses are being planned as further information emerges.
  • See for updated information


1.  For our ChildCARE Plus sponsored children in Haiti. Many are missing.

2.  For wisdom and favour as we work together with missionaries and partners to help the suffering

3.  For the family of Pastor Gandy St-Hilarie, who worked closely with both the child sponsorship and feeding programs as well as the many thousands of other families who have lost loved ones.

Donate NOW to ERDO to help meet urgent needs.  Gifts to ERDO before February 12, 2010 qualify for the 1:1 match from the Canadian government! 


1.  Cheque – payable to “ERDO – Haiti Earthquake Response”. 

Mail to ERDO, 2450 Milltower Court,   Mississauga, ON, L5N 5Z6. 

2.  Phone – Credit card donations can be made by calling 905-542-7400 during business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST) or toll free 1-800-779-7262 at any time.  Please note that after business hours your call will be forwarded to an automated attendant where you can securely leave your donation information.

3.  Website -   Select donation button and then follow instructions for “Haiti Earthquake Response”

What are you doing... nothing, something, or everything?

Let's make a difference!