Monday Morning Hangovers: Chore vs Core

Fatigue... we ALL get it. Symptoms of fatigue are weakness, lack of energy, tiredness, exhaustion, and/or even passing out. When we get to that moment of constant fatigue, it starts to show in our lives and ministries; cutting corners, dull productivity, procrastination, having a hard time making decisions, and/or feelings of aggravation with those closest to us.

It seems like we become our worst enemy when we are extremely fatigued.

In saying that, there are important strategies to combat fatigue. Not only does sleeping right, eating well and scheduled times of exercise renew us but understanding what DRAINS and RENEWS you is extremely important to be productive for the Kingdom (John 15:1-10).  

Here is a great exercise to help you combat fatigue. Take 20 minutes early in the day with your notebook. Make a list of 5 things that drain you and 5 things that fill you. Be honest with yourself.

My top 5 drains are: 1) extreme counseling (or putting out ALOT of fires), 2) unresolved conflict; whether it is personal or professional, 3) persistent pettiness (making a mountain out of nothing), 4) relentless administration, and 5) un-urgent (yet I have to deal with it) calls. These things drain my tank.

My top 5 fills are: 1) quality time with my wife and family, 2) reading, 3) being in the outdoors, 4) mentoring/training leaders, and 5) prayer.

This is the point of the exercise... what are you focusing your attention on? Are you spending MORE time in what drains you or what fills you? Are you spending your time MORE on chores than your core?

If so, you are on a one way ticket on a runaway train... In other words, you can see where you are going but there is no way you can stop it.

Well... you CAN. I would encourage you to take some honest time and make YOUR list... and then prayfully consider what you need to do to spend more time in your core than the chores.

Believe me. It is worth it... and those closest around you will think so to.

Have a great week!